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krystal d'souza

Avid emoji user, puppy enthusiast, and carbohydrate connoisseur.

Krystal D’Souza knows how to bring your brand to life online.

Specializing in social media management, web design, and content creation, Krystal has nearly a decade of experience working with multimillion dollar companies and start-ups alike, most notably with The Property Brothers, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Genesis Motors. Krystal has garnered a plethora of wins for her clients based upon one simple principle: if content is king, integrity is queen.

A creative to her core, Krystal writes compelling copy and has the tactical experience to create the imagery to support it. She thrives behind a screen or a lens and bad wifi is her kryptonite. 

Interested in working with Krystal? Click here to check out her portfolio or click here to send her an email directly.

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